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Deeper Still

This song is by Bebo Norman and appears on the album Ten Thousand Days (1999).

She turned her head as if to hide;
There was just nowhere to go.
'Cause standing tall on every side
The mighty fear of letting go
She said, "My God, I'm so ashamed.
Thirty years; a tragedy.
I still believed that he could change.
But he pulled me down, like gravity.
He broke my will, but it's deeper still...
...deeper still."

She told me morning was the time
When the sun burned bright and clean
And love grew fragile on the vine,
All wrapped up in gold and green.
"Because after all, we know we all
Are after all the same things.
But for the sun no rain would fall;
And it burned him up and turned him mean.
This fire that kills me, it's deeper still...
...deeper still."

Tonight I rose up with the moon,
And looking down from high above
I saw a world carved and confused
Into valleys deep in need of love.
And falling down all thick with grace,
Heaven's cloud of mystery
Was filling every empty space,
Down to the depth of human need

(Love that heals me, love that heals me)
This love that heals, it's deeper still (Love that's deeper still)
(Love that heals me, love that heals me)
This love that heals, it's deeper still... (Love that's deeper still)'s deeper still

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