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Love Song

This song is by Beautiful World and appears on the album In Existence (1994).

Usiku wa leo uwe wangu
Laza kichwa kwenye mto wangu
Cheza usiku wa mbalamwezi

Mambo yote sawa
Mambo yote sawa

Nipende usiku wa leo
Nikumbatie usiniache oooh
Ficha vidole nyweleni mwangu
Hakuna matata

Mambo yote shwari
Mambo yote shwari

Ya kesho usijali
Hakuna ajuaye yajayo
Tuishi kwa siku hii
Hisia za milele
Hakuna Matata

Mambo yote shwari
Mambo yote shwari

Stay with me tonight
Lay your head upon my pillow
Dance under the moonlight
All cares drift away everything's alright

Love me tonight
Hold me close, don't let me go
Run your fingers through my hair
All worries drift away
Everything will always be alright

Don't think about tomorrow
Who knows what I can bring
Let's live for the moment
Touching eternity

All worries drift away
Every thing is always alright

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