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When Gabriel Turns

This song is by Beau and appears on the album Fly The Bluebird (2014).

A crash in the valley brought me out of my dreams,
An unclear recollection and a memory that seems
To be carved on the sky and to float on the sea
But when rhetoric ends in a silent decree
And the alphabet groans with the force of the G,
Then Gabriel turns on me.

The softest caress of my partner in crime
Explains to the furtherest limits of mime
That there is no answer and there is no key;
The deserts are barren, and all history
Is lost when a pipe falls and shatters its knee
As Gabriel turns on me...

My eight-thirty cocktail is stuck to the glass,
And hoping to heaven this moment will pass,
But all is discovered; it cannot break free.
It's taken outside and nailed to a tree.
He leaves it suspended for morning to see
Then Gabriel turns on me.

This power-crazed fool with his magnetic hands
Has cast his decisions across the white sands,
But bending and breaking they fight to return,
Return from the fires where forever they burn.
Their choices are few, they never will learn
'Til they see Gabriel turn.

Oh listen you fool, pay heed to the words.
They'll flap and they'll fly like so many birds;
They'll squeak and they'll squirm as perception degrades
To explode in your eyes like a hundred grenades.
This treacherous torment of constant charades
Wherever the firelight fades...

Then there is no I; only pure irony
When Gabriel turns on me.

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