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Uncle Joe

This song is by Beau and appears on the album Shoeless In The Desert (2015).

Uncle Joe crossed the northern river.
Uncle Joe had searched for silver.
He had tried, and he had failed.
Time and again had he been jailed.
God bless Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe was at the end of the line.
He would never own a silver mine
So he got down on his bended knees,
Looked up to Heaven and he said "Please,
Will God bless Uncle Joe?"

Then he went to the river and he dipped his pan
And lo and behold, the river ran
With riches that remain untold.
Uncle Joe shouted "I struck gold!"
And God blessed Uncle Joe.

One minute he was a poor man
And then he looked into his pan.
He saw his future clear and bright.
He celebrated hard that night.
God blessed Uncle Joe.

Now Uncle Joe, he wanted more -
He bought a departmental store.
He bought a railway company.
He wanted all the world to see
How God blessed Uncle Joe.

And when he died, the people said
That Uncle Joe had lost his head,
And no one mourned on his funeral day
That Uncle Joe had passed away.
And God blessed Uncle Joe.

Now I don't know if Joe made a will
But if he ever did, it's hidden still.
In a golden coffin he does lie.
The river is running dry.
God bless Uncle Joe.

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