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The Way It Was

This song is by Beau and appears on the album The Way It Was (2011).

When I was young, I hid from the sun.
Every day it rose, every day I froze
In the frosty light, and a burning white it was.
And the clothes I wore were nothing more
Than the clothes I wore on the day before,
On another day, but that was the way it was.

I watched the seasons fly like a lullaby
That keeps you drowsy till the day you die
But still it thundered, and a cloudy sky it was.
So I wore a frown, kept my head down
Both awake and in bed and if somebody said
"Was that a flash in the sky?" then I would say "Aye, it was!"

And then the monsoons came, I found a new name
And I learned to advance by the seat of my pants
And those that I passed were staggered how fast it was.
And I ran for miles past the trudging hordes
On an endless road over splintered boards
That slowed their feet but showed me how neat it was.

And maybe one day, one day I'll burst
Through the roadway's end with a raging thirst
And a neon sign will show me how first it was.
And all that's left that's left alive
Will land at the end of a long low dive
With a final bow, an echo of how it was -

The way it was...


Written by:

C J T Midgley

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