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​The Trotter Sisters

This song is by Beau and appears on the album An Original Thought (2016).

The stadium was bathing in a half-surreal light.
The moon was hanging high above, expectant in the night.
A murmur ran around the crowd, their eyes upon the screen,
And then the Compare ran onstage, waved his tambourine
And shouted, "Put your hands together for the wonder of the age!
And here they are; The Trotter Sisters, live and back on stage!"

The Rolling Stones had opened and the Beatles were in tears.
Paul was there and so was John, though dead for many years.
The Sisters' lasting legacy was the happiness they'd brought
To countless fans around the world and never falling short
Of serving up a diet of the strange and the obscure;
And there they were; The Trotter Sisters, live and back on tour!

The very best contortionists the world had ever seen,
Stars of television and of course the silver screen.
The audience was in their palm in seven seconds flat.
Men were crying; women shouting, "How did they do that?"
They even had Madonna with them in a backup role.
The Trotter Sisters shifted up and out of cruise control...

The Trottersphere had gone insane the moment they appeared,
Remembering and savouring what the girls had pioneered;
The creative and inventive way they'd used that barbers' pole;
The rubber hood in Hollywood the night they played the Bowl.
Better we forget about the camel and the cage,
'Cause there they were tonight; The Trotter Sisters, live and back on stage!

Some said they were better than they had been in their prime;
Others with less charity accusing them of mime,
But everybody seemed to like the dog that got its bone
Though possibly the monkey was a little overblown?
But no one was remotely or in any way concerned;
The Trotter Sisters brilliantly, triumphantly returned.

The curtain fell, and after four or five or six encores,
The Trotter Sisters finally withdrew from the applause.
They'd reassured the audience, at least those few alarmed,
Despite all of appearances no animals were harmed.
But if you're of the doubting few who say you can't be sure,
Well go and see The Trotter Sisters, live and back on tour!