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The Titanic Tragedy

This song is by Beau and appears on the album The Way It Was (2011).

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On the 14th night of April in the year of 1912
The North Atlantic sun had slowly drowned.
The lookouts in the crows-nest discussed between themselves
The orders which on taking watch they found.
And as he rang the danger bell at 11:39
The lookout Frederick Fleet did surely think
This ship was the Titanic and her flag the White Star Line,
She's the ship that God himself could never sink -
The ship that God himself could never sink.

For an endless 30 seconds she bore down upon the ice
That lookout Fleet reported as he saw,
Gliding on a mirror sea so cold it could entice
An iceberg of a hundred feet or more.
And then, with only seconds left, her bow began to swing;
As ragtime played and soda drowned the scotch,
Titanic brushed the iceberg, as soft as anything
At 23 hours 40 by the watch -
At 23 hours 40 by the watch.

As Thomas Andrews was the man who built this mighty ship,
It was to him that Captain Smith did turn,
And as the great Titanic's bow did surely start to dip
In disbelief from Andrews he did learn
That though the blow the ice had dealt at first had seemed so light,
The water in the bow had come too high.
Now out there on the ocean on this lonely freezing night
He learned his last command was doomed to die -
He learned his last command was doomed to die.

So the passengers were summoned out by members of the crew,
Though many of them recognised their plight
For looking round for lifeboats they saw relatively few
To carry off so many in the night.
Now playing cards continued to be dealt, all as before,
Whilst the boats were launched and those who could did leave.
With scotch and soda flowing as the players asked for more
The widows in the boats began to grieve -
The widows in the boats began to grieve.

'Twas only two hours forty minutes from the iceberg to the end
This April night when fifteen hundred died.
The saved could only sit and watch their husbands and their friends
Slip slow below the early morning tide.
The orchestra still played amid cascading glass and plates;
A hymn tune, the survivors all agree.
The little boats now turned their bows to the United States;
The flotsam - the Titanic Tragedy -
The flotsam - the Titanic Tragedy.

Written by:

C J T Midgley

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