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​The Thinking of God

This song is by Beau and appears on the album An Original Thought (2016).

I feel reassured and you could say relieved
When I realise what mankind has achieved.
The Pastor is preaching of power and grace -
It's plain in the lightness that falls from his face,
In patrolling the paths that the martyrs have trod
He's fortunately mastered the thinking of God.

Evolution, or unmarried mothers, or gays;
The Lord, He can move in mysterious ways.
It's heartening, and it's amazing to see
How often the Lord and His servant agree.
His servants are sometimes decidedly odd;
At least till they've mastered the thinking of God.

Addresses and readings and Sermons on Mounts
Safely convince us it's our God that counts.
The Imams and Rabbis and Priests and the rest,
Convey and persuade us that we're truly blessed;
Excepting of course for that poor little sod
Who hasn't quite mastered the thinking of God.

They say we're the image of Him, but I've found
In fact it's exactly the other way round;
And while self-delusion is par for the course,
Well, people like me, we can sing till we're hoarse.
It's easier, it's simpler just giving the nod
To someone who's mastered the thinking of God.

The prophets are great, and there's much to be gained
For those who'll untangle what can't be explained.
There's power, there's glory, but always for me
You are what you are and it's all you will be
While the Chaplain still blesses the firing squad.
It's good to have mastered the thinking of God.