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The Special Night

This song is by Beau and appears on the album Creation: Recreated (2011).

The special night had ended, or at least the light had come
To re-wake the ancient citizen who saw it all begun;
To rise again, to stretch the arms of an all-embracing power,
And to reap the seed, once planted, now so far beyond the flower...
And what a day this would be.

For this, Adjudication Day, when all souls would bebared,
And the sins of rich and poorer men should equally be shared;
As would the good, wrought equally on each and every man
By He the all-forgiving who was there when time began...
And what a day this would be.

The eyes, for so long closed, surveyed the devastated ground
That once had looked so green; was now a shade of darkest brown.
And the mind behind the eyes could not believe what they could see -
In the cold grey light of morning, how men chose so foolishly -
This, the choice of the free.

No matter how the wise one searched, no judgement could be made
As everything that man had touched he'd managed to degrade.
And finally, he had ensured that nothing else could live,
Leaving nothing to condemn and leaving nothing to forgive...
And a planet blazed in Heaven.


Written by:

C J T Midgley

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