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The Promise

This song is by Beau and appears on the album When Butterflies Scream (2017).

It wasn't the sound of the bar being trashed
By a hundred-and-one debauchees
That finally persuaded the Lance Bombardier
To get up and get off of his knees.
But they did play a part; those folks he remembered
The Sergeant would categorise
"A bunch of ill-disciplined cretinous shites
With their uppers and downers and highs!"
That's what he remembered...
That's what he recalled...

He'd signed up when he was a nervous nineteen;
The service was something secure.
Like most of the guys, he had made it on through
For a second and then a third tour.
His luck had held out 'til the day that it failed –
They'd put that in his dossier.
The Snatch took a hit, and then everything spiralled
Tits-up in a very big way.
That's what he remembered...
That's what he recalled...

They'd put him together the best way they could,
And found him a way to survive.
When he and his mates were all medevac'd out,
Just one of them made it alive.
They finally found he had PTSD
And crushed some significant nerve
So, six years on, they determined that he
Was medically unfit to serve.
That's what he remembered...
That's what he recalled...

Trouble was, nothing or nobody ever
Prepared him for what was to come,
And that's how he came to be down on the beach;
A drifter, a dosser, a bum.
Somehow, the Military Covenant's promise
Had simply gone out through the door;
And all that remained was a shirt on his back
And the ribbons he steadfastly wore.
That's what he remembered...
That's what he recalled...

The Nighthawk, who desperately needed the fame,
Had pushed himself onto TV.
He'd posted the video, tastefully called
'Some nutter walks into the sea...'
The thing had gone viral for twenty-four hours,
And nobody would disagree
He was, or at least he believed he became,
The legend he wanted to be.
That's what he remembered...
That's what he recalled...

Then an inquest was called on a dearly departed
The life boatmen pulled from the waves.
The Coroner criticised reckless pursuits,
And of course how the media behaves.
The witnesses told how these accidents happen,
And that's what the court record showed
For the guy who had once been the Lance Bombardier –
Unemployed, no fixed abode.
That's what was remembered...
That's what was recalled...

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