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The Nightmare

This song is by Beau and appears on the album When Butterflies Scream (2017).

"Is this the Apocalypse?" Now he enquires!
The Matron is busy connecting the wires.
She smiles in the way that so often they do
When they know that a treatment is long overdue.
She's never been famous for hiding her thoughts –
Like everyone out there, she reads the reports.
"They say we're expecting a meteorite,
And they're panicking out in the City tonight –
It's a nightmare! A nightmare!

"From all that they say, it's a dangerous beast;
Flying in low, coming out of the east.
It seems it defies all applicable laws
And who knows the damage it's likely to cause?
But now, for the moment you'll need to relax -
Imagine avoiding your inheritance tax;
Suspend animation when the treatment resumes;
Dream, as the darkness relentlessly looms...
It's the nightmare... the nightmare...

"It's easy to feel that you're out on your own
When you're sleepwalking into a parallel zone
And biting down hard on that suicide pill.
You don't seem to know that you're seriously ill!
We're all here and with you to carry the weight.
We're telling you everything is going to be great;
And that's all that anyone ever can say.
Get used to it, son; it's not going away!
It is the nightmare... oh, the nightmare..."

"So what happens now?" The patient persists.
She fixes his fetters and shackles his wrists
And wipes off the sweat of his brow on her sleeve.
"What's happening now, boy? We've got to believe!
Believe at all costs that we're getting it right
'Cos it's dark in the City, and they're needing the light!"
She leans over, offers one innocent kiss.
"Maybe someday we'll be laughing at this!
It's a nightmare... just a nightmare..."

"It's too close to call!" all the bulletins shriek,
Holding their heads in their hands, so to speak.
Many indeed want this intruder to land –
It's strange, but try never to misunderstand
For some it's worth trying defying the odds
To fly in the face of those devious Gods –
And so let the slow-motion drama unfold;
The sunlight be lost to the shivering cold
Of the nightmare... the nightmare...

And so let the slow-motion drama unfold;
The sunlight be lost to the shivering cold
Of the nightmare... the nightmare... the nightmare... the nightmare.

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