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This song is by Beau and appears on the album Fly The Bluebird (2014).

"Pass the lady's cape!" said I
To the rickshaw boy
As midnight kissed a sighing Singapore.
"Take us to the highway
Of spluttering champagne
And candles dancing over every door."
And he smiled, and he said "Yessir".

"Once more down the coast road;
Take us to the bay;
Let us see the fireboats nestle to the quay.
And you listen to me,
You rickshaw boy,
You see you keep your yellow eyes turned to the sea."
And he smiled, and he said "Yessir".

"Take the lady's cape," said I.
"Let her body breathe
And let the wind have all that it reveals.
Let the whispered silver
From the China moon
Alight upon the gently rocking wheels."
And he smiled, and he said "Yessir".

"Pass the lady's cape," said I,
"You, rickshaw boy,
She's seen the sky and now she needs her comb.
Back up on the highway,
Take me back to Raffles
Then take her cape and take your sister home."
And he smiled, and he smiled,
And he smiled, and he said "Yessir"

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