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​Seeker After Truth

This song is by Beau and appears on the album Fables & Façades (2012).

Well, seeming so relaxed and easy was how God appeared to me
As he rose to shake my hand and waved me onto his settee.
"It's good of you to see me, Lord," I said as I sat down.
He laughed and showed those even teeth and eyes of smiling brown.

"The tape is fine, the level's good," I said "so please relax.
We'll keep it light and to the point, but please stick to the facts.
I'd like to know for number one the problems you perceive
In coping with a world that either won't or can't believe."

He laughed, and once again I saw that strength that lies within.
He said "You ought to ask my son. Hang on, I'll call him in."
He opened up the patio door and loudly shouted through,
"Hey Jesus, can you come inside. There's someone here for you".

"What is it, Pa?" a voice replied. "It's someone from the press."
"And what's the question this time?" "Come on up here and guess."
"Well, I'll be with you, I shan't be long," the voice came back once more,
And hardly had the Lord sat down than Christ came through the door.

"Hello, it's good to see you!" - he towelled a steaming face -
"It's hot as hell out there!" he said, and promptly fell from grace.
"So what's the problem, father, that this journalist doth weave?"
"The problem, Jesus Christ my son, is those who don't believe".

"Oh God, it makes me so annoyed!" said Jesus in reply.
"The answer is as always, you won't know until you die.
But Dad and I and the Holy Ghost who we always keep outside
And Lucifer, we know the truth. But don't forget, we've died."

"And how about the Pope," I asked, "in his dealings with the Lord?"
As God gave Christ a sideways glance, I knew I'd struck a chord.
"I'm sure I'll never know," he said, "how ever he got on
With every prayer beginning 'Ground Control to Major Tom'.

"Now Buddha, he's a different kind, he's always in demand,
For ever trying to help and always there to lend ahand.
In fairness though, I must say he's no intellectual guy.
He thinks that a stigmata means you've something in your eye!

("Isn't that incredible? Been just like a second son to me...)

"So are you trying to tell me as a seeker after truth
To go and bite the bleeding dust?" Said Christ, "Don't be uncouth!"
"Of course," the Lord continued, "because you won't be going back.
We want to keep them guessing, and you've seen too much for that."

Written by:

C J T Midgley