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​My Star

This song is by Beau and appears on the compilation album Edge Of The Dark: Unreleased Recordings 1972 - 1985 (2009).

Sheltered in my pocket,
Her skin opaquely pearled,
She lies, wrapped in silver foil
And protected from the world.
And jealously preserved,
So that no one else may see
The light that shines so brightly
On the island that is me...
My star... my star...

Something that remained
At the ending of a dream -
Something that my eyes
And mine alone have ever seen.
'Tis only when I'm lonely
That she shines upon my face -
Momentary freedom from
Her silver hiding place...
My star... my star...

Time and time again
When I need a helping hand,
My luminous deliverer
Is there to understand
The purpose of my being,
Both tomorrow and today -
To show me in the dark
A little light from far away...
My star... my star...

And may she always glimmer
In the darkness of my night
And through the gloomy days
When I need a little light;
Through the clouds of morning
And across the poison sea
To the island of contentment,
The island that is me...
My star... my star...

Written by:

C J T Midgley