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This song is by Beau and appears on the album An Original Thought (2016).

This is a tale of mice and men,
A contract, and a fountain pen,
And a guy up in his conning tower
Who's always speaking truth to power.
It matters little who says what
From the upper deck of a super yacht;
But keep in mind that old school tie,
And that hope will be the last to die.

So the property tycoon acquired
The graveyard of the uninspired.
But probably his greatest trick
Was playing the body politic
Till everyone was in cahoots.
But these are legalised pursuits;
The building blocks that underlie
Why hope will be the last to die.

It's one of life's most basic rules:
"It's difficult to free the fools
From all the chains that they revere!"
And so our so-called profiteer
Flies in the face of all that's fair -
I guess he never read Voltaire!
And maybe that's a reason why
Hope will be the last to die.

Beyond his dreams of avarice,
It maybe helps to reminisce;
On the coldness of his blackened stone,
On the flatness in his monotone;
This place where two worlds coincide,
Conspiring like a Devil's bride.
Demand will always beat supply
But hope will be the last to die.

But nothing has been prearranged;
Everything can be exchanged.
"We have the power to start again!"
I think that that was Thomas Paine.
But don't correct me if I'm wrong,
Just close your eyes and sing along.
For while there's still a dawning sky,
So hope will be the last to die.