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Fight For The Right

This song is by Beau and appears on the album Fables & Façades (2012).

How hard the mighty fall from their pinnacles of fame
When we and our friends push them over.
As they crash down the mountainside, so others take their place.
On the throne sits another King.

We fought for what was ours, this sovereign seat of power,
And now we see the duelling below us,
And realise so well the fate that must be ours
As they fight for the right to be King.

And we're fighting to defend, and we parry every thrust
In the night for our power and glory.
As the fires fiercely burn, and rise up in their turn,
They're as true as they ever have been...

On the throne sits another King...
On the throne sits another King...

Written by:

C J T Midgley

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