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Canal Zone

This song is by Beau and appears on the album Fables & Façades (2012).

The fighting began after hours of waiting
In dampness and darkness and cramped in a corner;
Ready and willing to move on the order
At twenty-two minutes past nine.
At twenty-two minutes past nine
The message came over the line.

Fired in the furnace of self-preservation
And cast in the mould of my fathers before me;
Out there an ocean so windswept and stormy;
I nearly feel really alive.
I nearly feel really alive
Now the order to go has arrived.

No time for thought, and of course none for reason;
No calculation for when I am older.
The battle is raging and I am the soldier
With only a moment to go.
With only a moment to go
The overtures herald the show.

Hardened to face the undreamable frenzy;
Thrown on the rapids of true trepidation;
Fighting for life with a sense of elation,
The orders command and I shall...
The orders command and I shall
Head on down the canal.

Out in the light in one moment of glory;
Drowned in a sea where to win is surviving;
Choked on the welcoming dust, my arriving
Affirms my position and worth...
Affirms my position and worth...
Affirms my position and worth...

Written by:

C J T Midgley