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​An Original Thought

This song is by Beau and appears on the album An Original Thought (2016).

The court was in session, the atmosphere tense.
The judge told me, "Everything harms your defence.
Please stand while the jury is told of the charge.
You're a dangerous man who should not be at large!"
He looked straight ahead and said, "This man was caught
In the act and in charge of original thought.

"I must tell the jury that some things are barred.
Everything new, you must disregard.
The novel, unusual, the different or fresh,
These fancies are worse than the sins of the flesh.
For your information, this country has fought
To stamp out this curse of original thought."

And so it all started. My lawyer began;
"For progress we need the unreasonable man!"
It was George Bernard Shaw that he'd looked to embrace.
The judge said, "You're really not helping your case!"
For me, I was hoping he wouldn't fall short
Of proving my lack of original thought.

It was time to attempt a new line of attack;
"My Lord, it would help if you'd cast your mind back.
If the man that he murdered could stand here and speak,
He'd tell of the brand new embalming technique
My client was seeking the day he was caught.
This was nothing to do with original thought.

"There are crimes based on passion and crimes based on hate
And those that can risk undermining the State.
He never, though granted he wielded the knife,
Has had an original thought in his life.
I humbly submit to this merciful Court
That here is no guilt of original thought."

The tears of the jury were flowing and free.
The foreman said, "There is no guilt we can see.
This is the moment to stand up and say
That nothing has shown we should lock him away.
And we on the jury are pleased to report
He never has had an original thought.
He never has had an original thought.
He never has had an original thought..."