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Where Do They Go

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Tales Of The New West (1985).

Car Nazis burn rubber out in the street
It's Saturday night once again
The Highway Patrol stops at Denny's to eat
The world's racing but nobody wins

Young girls will try the new fashions tonight
Then go to the dance at the school
And the boys'll start drinkin' and get their heads tight
And the flatlanders try to look cool

Then the band will start playing and no one will care
Though they request all their favorite songs
They just wanna make sure that their friends are all there
So they can feel like they belong

Then they go to a friend's house and watch MTV
Where all the bands look just alike
And they might even like some of that dumb stuff they see
Then dress up in leather and spikes

But where do they go when they start to grow old
They go home to bed every night
'Cause when they start workin' they get tired and slow
Get married and start a new life

Friends move away, never heard of again
Funny how everyone ages
Their face in the yearbook is what's left of them
And the poems that they left on the pages

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