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The Trouble With You

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Poor And Famous (1989).

The trouble in you, is troubling me
Don't know why but you do it eventually
I needed someone to rescue
Did it have to be you
I needed someone to hold on to
Like a man's got to do
So why don't you tell me
If this ain't what you want to do
You say you wonder 'bout me
I've been wondering 'bout you too
What are you supposed to be
Raises interesting questions, you have to admit
Since you made the suggestion, just where do I fit
If I had the answer
You know I'd give it to you
If I knew how to set it right
I'd say the word and make your dreams come true
But dreams sometimes turn on you
Sometimes you can see through them
And sometimes they see through you
Sometimes they can lift you
Or they can let you down
Sometimes they can lead you
To where you know your way around
I needed someone to rescue
Did it have to be you?


Music by:

Jerry Raney, Steve Marshall

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