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Seven Year Blues

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Van Go (1986).

Well it's been seven long years since I first left this town
The woman and the life I love so
Seven long years in some hole in the ground
In a cage I called my home
Barb wire all around my home

I got laid off one winter and I could not find work
I passed a little weed on the side
The authorities they rewarded me
With seven years on the inside
Seven years time I did buy

Now my baby's married and she's got three kids
Now ain't that a kick in the head
She says she don't care if I die or I live
But I feel like I'm already dead
Yeah, feel like I'm already dead

Well there's no one I know in this town anymore
Because Ben never shook the effects of the war
In a moment lost he put a hole in a cop
But Ben don't live here anymore
No, not in this world anymore


Music by:

Country Dick Montana, Buddy Blue

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