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This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Live at The Spring Valley Inn, 1983 (2003).

Well he lay face down in the desert sand
Clutching a six-pack in his hand
A shot from behind, I thought he was dead
For between his nuts lay an ounce of lead
But the sparks still burned, so I used my knife
Late that night I ruined the sex life of Mondo

The days went by, he mended quick
We took the bandages off his dick
And what was left wouldn't please a rabbit
But he was certainly quick to grab it
Hours and hours I rolled with laughter
No woman alive would ever go after Mondo

One day we rode the mountain crest
I went east and he went west
I took the porno, became a star
While he spread hysterics near and far
All through the west he gained
Such fame in every bar
That cracked up at the name of Mondo

I knew someday I'd face the test
Which one of us could shoot the best
And sure enough the word came down
That he was holed up in the town
I left the posse in the street
And I went in to beat the meat with Mondo

They said my spurt was next to none
But my lightning hand had just begun
When I felt the splash across my face
That let me know who'd lost the race
Who shot not once but again and again
And through the rain I could see the grin of Mondo

Well they say that was the only time
That anyone had seen him smile
He slowly packed his manhood
And then he said to me, we're even friend
Then and there I understood at last
One could overcome the past like Mondo

I blocked the path of his retreat
He turned and stepped into the street
A dozen boots made way to his crotch
A moment later he lay soft
The town began to shout and cheer
Nowhere was there shed a tear for Mondo
Mondo, Mondo
Mondo, Mondo
Mondo, Mondo

Music by:

Country Dick Montana