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​Make It Last

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987).

Oh baby, I think it's time
Time for us, time for us to snort across that line
'Cause when ya feelin', when ya feelin' you been had
Don't ya let it, don't ya let it get you sad
Cause there's a time for you to be forgiven
Turn the other cheek and brush that pain away
There's just no use in tryin' to get even
Girl, I think it's time to walk away
I think it's time, to be thinkin'
Of other towns, movin' on
'Cause we've been down, we been down for so long now
And there's no place, place to go but out
Out on the road where the semis howl
Baby hitch a ride on somethin' movin' fast
Where the rain and wind don't blow so cold
Yo! Butterbuns, we could build a life and make it last

Music by:

Joey Harris