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​Lonesome Hound

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Tales Of The New West (1985) and on the album Live at The Spring Valley Inn, 1983 (2003).

There ain't a whole lotta things in this old world that mean too much to me
Just a beat-up old guitar and some clouded memories
Well and you know I've searched for something but that something can't be found
And I don't believe there's nothing that can tame this lonesome hound

Well Cindy tried to help me but it made her love run cold
She could never figure out just what was torturing my soul
Well there's an anger burning deep inside and it's scorching me to death
Drink another shot of whiskey and it might make me forget

Joe business suit is smiling and he's looking right at me
But no money has been minted that can set this hound dog free
Well the humming of the streetlights has become a friendly sound
And I walk those streets at night trying to tame this lonesome hound

Now I'm racing down the highway from a devil I can't see
I know he's right behind me but he'll never catch up to me
Well his fire burns my neck, he's trying to run me to the ground
But this old boy's too fast, he'll never catch this lonesome hound
Well and I know that there ain't nothing that can tame this lonesome hound