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​King Of Sleaze

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Poor And Famous (1989).

I'm big, I'm bad
I might even be your dad
I start each day with a bottle of Ripple
Hell, I'm the guy that pierced your mama's nipple
I do anything I please
And I'm proud to tell you that I am
The King of Sleaze

Ya say yer man's dried up and yer lookin' fer kicks
Well I can suck on you honey like a bucket of ticks
Hoy, hoy back off boy
'Cause the women 'round here want the real McCoy
I eat anything I please
Don't need no monkey to pick my fleas
'Cause I'm the King of Sleaze

I'm free as the breeze
Stay up late if I please
Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba

Music by:

Country Dick Montana, Mojo Nixon