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​Key To The World

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987).

Key to the city, keys to my car
Please get me there
Lemme go an inch too far
'Cause when I get started
I can't seem to stop
I'm the life of the party
And I'm aimin' for the top

So turn on the TV
Get outta my way
I am the future, I am today

Now I've got some money
The plans in my head
But the key to the world
Ain't so easy to get
Just who would know this
Any better than I
I've been tryin' to find it
For most of my life

So turn on the boob
Get yer butt outta my way
I am the future, yippi-I-yeah

Well dressed and pretentious
I think you know the type
I've been gettin' used to just takin'
Whatever I like

Music by:

Jerry Raney, Steve Marshall