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This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Tales Of The New West (1985).

Well you can't say that you are mine no more
We're history, I'm walking right out the door
Well you can have your men and your liquor too
But without me baby whatcha gonna do
Baby you lost a goldmine when you lost me

I was faithful and I shared everything that I own
I was always there when you cried babe I'm feeling alone
But I ain't no chump and you're gonna find
That those men that you've been seeing are the hurting kind
And I don't need you running on back to me

Well the smile that you're wearing gonna disappear
When you see that I was right
Well you'll rue the day that you pushed me till
I walked right out of your life

Well there's plenty of women that can keep me satisfied
And I don't need your cheating or your foolish lies
Well I ain't gonna miss none of your embrace
So go shake that thing in someone else's face
Baby you lost a goldmine when you lost me

Well folks have got to reap just what they sow
And you got some things-a coming to you don't you know
You'll get no more loving or sympathy
From the lonesome fool that you thought was me
Baby you lost a goldmine when you lost me