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​God Is Here Tonight

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987).

I come across these great states
From Norfolk Bible School;
I guess I been brained along the way
A couple times ... a few.
Out on the road it come to me
That everyone must know
Except for scary dogs and Russians
That Jesus loves ya so.
Now the mission stew smells good tonight,
The holy bums in line
All tip their hats as I walk by
'Cause God is here tonight.

I make my rounds around this town
From Market to the park
Where no holy man in his right mind
Would venture after dark.
I bless the cops and lady-men,
The fireplugs and the signs
And the trestle down on Tenth Street
Where I lay me down tonight.
The whole damn world is beautiful
In His holy light,
And I don't feel the cold wind
'Cause God is here tonight.

Like all good things beneath the stars
I will surely end;
I'll sit beside my Father
And I'll watch over the land.
So all you down-and-outers
Lay down your heads, sleep tight
'Cause I'm keepin' an eye out for ya
And God is here tonight

Music by:

Joey Harris