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​Glad 'N' Greasy

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Glad 'N' Greasy (1986).

When the one you love is gone and it's so hard to be alone
And the nights get so cold and lonely
No more voices in the dark and the dogs at night that bark
Sound so sad and far away

When laughter is a strain and all you feel is pain
From the loss of a friend and lover
Couldn't hurt to start again so let's immerse ourselves in sin
I don't care what the neighbors say

We'll be singing hi-de-ho till the cows come home you know
And we'll get real glad 'n' greasy
I really feel we must create a noisy fuss
Till the cops come and take us away

Well the world is strange you see when you're sharing it with me
And I'm tired of feeling normal
The honeymoon's begun so let's go have some fun
And there's lots of games left to play

Well let's resume the game till we both are quite insane
And past the point of caring
Took my mind too seriously when you were apart from me
And there's nothing left to say