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​Elephant Day Parade

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987).

We put a shine on our faces
Go out fancy places
And dance on the hearts of our lovers
You should see us on the boardwalk
We'll be talkin' fancy street talk
And havin' fun at the expense of others
Yeah we go crazy and torture our girls
Pacify desires
Mastered by the wires that hold us up
Drinkin' till we lose our brains
Fingers full of resin stains
Runnin' under movin' trains
We got much to do (not)
Spendin' money till I'm sunk
Legally and crazy drunk
I'm deep within the world a punk
And howlin' at the moon
In a city full of thrills we choose
To lose ourselves among the booze
That flows like running water till
We've all gone quite insane

Music by:

Joey Harris