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This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album Van Go (1986).

Sweet little deceiver you couldn't believe her
So you never listened to things that she said
You don't have to fool her 'cause she ain't got a thing in her head
If you don't remind her you'll probably find her misled

I was alone when I crossed Arizona
The sun was beatin' inside of my brain
I stood with my thumb out
And thought of goin' insane
Then she pulled to the side and I found myself ridin' again

She's gone looking for another
You've got to make it past the gaze of her mother
Don't try to leave child, 'cause it's all right
She won't turn you loose till she's done

Anonymous calling to see if you're already taken
For Friday or Saturday night
Just me and a friend and somebody to turn out the light
It's only a few, don't you know we'll be doin' all right

Big mama come down to the south side of town
To partake in a mutual meeting of friends
You know that it's cool
You know that she never pretends
She'll always pull through
And give it to you in the end


Music by:

Ken Noble

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