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​Big Big Man

This song is by Beat Farmers and appears on the album The Pursuit Of Happiness (1987).

Here, here I stand, just, just one man
So small in the universe
But here on Earth I'm a big, big man
Don't you force my hand
Don't don't try to take my land
I may be small in the universe
But on my Earth I'm a big, big man
Here where we live by the law of the land
Don't need advice from no company man
Who complicates life with a legalized plan
Cross me twice and you'll understand
I'll spell it out for ya if ya need it man
There's an unwritten law that I hold in my hand
Here, here again, take a solo
We're livin' in a world where people aren't free
You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to me
So pocket your dough-you can't get enough
Then blame it on the world for being too rough
I'll turn on you at destiny's end
When you're standing alone and you can't pretend
More here, and here's a bowl full of air guitar

Music by:

Jerry Raney, Steve Marshall