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By Chance

This song is by Beat Crusaders and appears on the album Rest Crusaders (2010).

Hit my head on the edge of space and it really hurt alot
Stopped a river source with my finger and it became a road
Sympathize with animals and plants feelings and ponder my body
I blow out the fire and sun, everything stops
And so I light the sun with a lighter, I used a lighter to light the sun
In this amazing balance, wanting to do so many things
And with resolve, I soar through the sky again
And with resolve, I hit my head on the edge of space again
Trap that person in my heart and it really hurt a lot
I throw the essence of solitude to the sky, one star shines
Show feelings of humor and be contrary and stare at a spoons bowl
I blow away all the clouds, creativity stops
And so I gather all the steam in this amazing balance
I give the source to euphoria to the person that I met
I was born human by chance, given life by chance
Met that person by chance
Just happened to want to tell you how I feel
Found you by chance

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