Beastie Boys:One Chance Lyrics

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One Chance

This song is by Beastie Boys.

I'm going to audition and I do not
think I'll make it, but I do hope that
they do not turn me down

I'm driving to the hill with auntie pat
and uncle bill and I hope I will get a
big huge role

I'm sittin here in polka dots
waitin for my little spot
where I will get one chance to shine

It happened after World War II
when people played a litte game
called soccer

St. Louis beat the English in an
unexpected shock and so they went
on to play Brazil but they lost

I waited for some three hours and
then I heard my name so I rushed
up to the front

They asked me a few questions like
what's your age and backround so I told
them everything that was true

I told them I liked ribbons and pink's my
favorite color and all they had to say was
this: Thank you for time we will call you in a
week or so, but only if you have done good

So I waited patiently for five days
and then I got a little mad but I
did not care that much

A few days later the phone rang
"Your in my movie" said the guy.
"Yes I said, "I love you lots I hope
you do the same to me"

So I went on and filmed the movie
and became very famous