Beastie Boys:Deal With It Lyrics

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Rob and steal from the Health Food store
The ideas you shout that are so hardcore
Screaming at the phone man collecting the change
Ideas discovered, then rearranged

I won't say that life's a bitch and then you die
Because I will do my best to enjoy mine
You can't bring me down to a world of self pity
Lot's of ways to deal with it

Deal with it
Deal with it
Deal with it
Deal with it

You do unto others like they're pieces of shit
A righteous man who's flipping the script
There's plenty of room for everyone at the table
So, check yourself before you check the label

I won't live life being mad holding a grudge
It's not my place sitting back playing judge
Not enough time to always stay mad
May as well be glad to

Deal with it
To deal with it
To deal with it


Written by: Mike Diamond / Adam Horowitz / Amery Smith / Adam Yauch

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