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The City Still

This song is by Bears and appears on the album Greater Lakes (2012).

We're living in the city still
Our new neighborhood has a different feel
People seem more relaxed here

I have never understood the need
To get ahead at a different speed
We're all stopping every few blocks anyway

What's the hurry? You don't look around
How can you think when it's up so loud?
From the decals, we can see you're proud
To be what it is you think you are

Now I ride my bike over to the train
Nearly every day it's almost the same
There's nothing wrong with a good routine

If I need a ride, hasn't happened yet
I can call you up, the weather's inclement
We are just a few minutes away by car

We tend to like things that are quieter
Than what many people our age prefer
Like staying home and doing our own work
A night inside will always do us good

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