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This Matter Of Mine

This song is by Beardfish and appears on the album The Void (2012).

Echoes of distant voices,
Not from where but when?
I've been in this place before.
There's no sound as I close the door.
A house that was swallowed in vine.
And I walk through surreal paintings of time.
They embrace me and call out my name,
Blowing rings of smoke my way.

Veil is so heavy, I can't see you.
Bring me back, I'm entering the void.

They say "we're from the troubled land,
Existing in something that comes after death".
I shake my head and walk through a new door.
Aisles between high bookshelves on a dirt floor.
Are they playing hide and seek?
The old man helps the young boy make the speakers speak.
This room has no ceiling, above me the stars shine bright.
A vast living room without electric light.

In this clouded mist I still feel their presence.
There's a vast mountain blocking the sun
(Wake up. wake up).

Bring me back. Speak!
I'm entering the void.

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