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The One Inside: Part Two (My Companion Through Life)

This song is by Beardfish and appears on the album +4626-Comfortzone (2015).

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Song of the Day
August 22, 2017
Come into my life
Come share your strength
Let's make it ours
We'll carve our names out of thin air
Shock and awe by fang and claw
I will be yours
Will you be mine if I confess everything?
Hurt me then smile
My feelings grow
Shock and awe by fang and claw
People will hate us

Into the darkness we go (my feelings)
Up the hill, down the hill (you lead me)
Into the wild dark night

I know you
I feel you
Now you are a part of me
I see you
You touch me
I can never do that to you
We both know with love comes trust
You will give me everything
And I allow you anything

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