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Wander My Friends

This song is by Bear McCreary.

Siúlaigí a chairde, siúlaidh liom

Mar cheo an tsléibhe uaine ag
Imeacht go deo
D'ainneoin ár dtuirse leanfam an tslí
Thar chnoic is thar ghleannta
Go deireadh na scríbi

Seo libh a chairde is canaidh liom
Líonaigí'n oíche le greann is le spórt
Seo sláinte na gcarad atá imithe uainn
Mar cheo an tsléibhe uaine,
Iad imithe go deo

(Lyrics in English - translation)
Wander my friends, wander with me

Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally
Despite our weariness
We'll follow the road
Over hill and valleys
To the end of the journey

Come on my friends and sing with me
Fill the night with joy and sport
Here's a toast to the friends who have gone from us
Like the mist of the green mountain,
Gone forever

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