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Mirror Mirror

This song is by Beans Sousa.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Tell me who's the fairest of them all?
Is she sweet and debonair?
Can she satisfy my questionnaire?

Can she walk that walk?
Can she Talk that talk?
Is she lonely for, a lonely boy like me?

Tell me Mirror, Tell me true,
Why a boy like me, would want someone who
could steal your heart, with just one glance?
Still I need to know, do I stand a chance?

Can she smile at will?
Have looks that kill?
Is she lonely for, a lonely boy like me?

Mirror, Mirror, I declare
If there's someone out there, tell me where.
Im tired of searchin' high and Low
Can you tell me where? Which way to go?

Just to have some fun.
Just to find someone.
Someone lonely for, a lonely boy like me.

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