Bay City Rollers:You're A Woman Lyrics

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You're A Woman

This song is by Bay City Rollers and appears on the album Dedication (1976) and on the album Live in Japan (1983).

Original video
Baby it's good to see your face again
It's been some time I've missed you so
Those lonely years go by and look how much you've changed
What's happened to the girl I used to know?
Oh you're a woman
and you know what love is for

You say you don't need me you're not a little girl anymore
Oh you're a woman I can see it in your eyes
So I'll turn and walk out thru' the door
Can't stand to hear your woman lies no more.

You'll nevep know how many tears I cried
Those lonely nights I'd lie and think of you
I know that I was wrong
And look how much I've changed
What's happened to the girl that I once knew?
Oh you're a woman
And you know what love is for