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Lagartija Nick

This song is by Bauhaus and appears on the CD reissue of the album Burning From The Inside (1983).

Move his way
Nice and slow
Paint it all black
Let the humorous glow
He feels like Sacher-Masoch
And the fire below
Is licking at his lips

Crack the whip
Come on crack
Crack the whip

Swallowing flames
Sinking in the snow
He enjoys feeling pain
He enjoys peeling slow
Lagartija Nick
It's no dumb show
Your name's on his whip

Crack the whip
Come on crack

A code of play
A nocturn rite
In the cruel garden of dark delights
Sixteen cages crawl in line
Desire is a heady wine

Come on crack

All in pain
It's no dumb show
Fire below
Is licking at his lips
Swallowing flame

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