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This song is by Bauhaus and appears on the album In the Flat Field (1980).

We're going down. We're going down
We're going down to the kamikaze dive

Fishnet leatherette, Pussy Galore
Pseudo-sumo wrestler [...]

Dangerous dances, the dragon's claw
K-Tel oriental, the monkey's paw
I'll take you there

You're a dead ringer for Madame Butterfly
Snappy little finger, s-s-s-s-s-stitch my thigh

You're so necromantic, venomous and vain
Mixing molotov cocktails in the subterrain

I'll take you there
We're going down to the kamikazi dive like insects in a Chinese lantern now
We're feeling so alive, what's showing?
We're going down to the kamikazi dive [...] and we're feeling so alive