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War Of Roses

This song is by Batzz In The Belfry and appears on the album Sparks Fly Upward (2007).

Even now, as the red sun
Even as the stars
Even though, everyone's gone

When I saw, I saw them
Canon fire filled sky
The roaring noise, as I ran
Through fields of flowers
On the TV, back home
They'll talk about the things they've seen
But I never knew, it was a war of roses

War of roses

No anger, no pain
Just lay me down in a flower bed
I'll close my eyes, and I'll bow my head
And they'll never know, back home
A war of roses, where no one dies
A camera and a pretty picture
Flowers, war flowers
As they're lying all around
When I knew I knew for certain
Takes a lifetime in a flash
The thorns are there, and I pick a flower

War of roses

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