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This song is by Battlecross and appears on the album Rise to Power (2015).

Regret that haunts you each and every day
You won't forget it eats away at you like a disease

Infecting you
Strangling tight around your neck
Constricts every breath
There's no coming back

You're despised, you search for answers that won't come
You're despised, there's no forgetting what you've done
You're despised, it rots away inside of you
You're despised, tearing you apart from the inside out

Disgraced you take refuge inside the hate
Left to decay I am a piece of human waste

I can't take back all of the stones I've thrown
I still would not take back what I have done

It is too easy to throw blame when there's so much there to throw
Why do my decision hunt me like a demon in the shadows
There is no need for a scapegoat when we are all to blame
I'm tired of saying the same things over and over again

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