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Breaking You

This song is by Battlecross and appears on the album Pursuit Of Honor (2011).

You were controlling me right straight from the start
And I never thought to take a breath for myself
I will take this breath
'Cause I'll inhale while I am
Breaking you

Drowning inside of a pool of your faith
Release the weights that continue to drag me down
I will never be held back
'Cause I'll exhale while I am
Breaking you

Shame on you for all the shit you've stirred
I blame you for all that has occurred fucker

Controlling lies of a fake
This will be your last mistake
I will not ever let this
Become the end of myself

You could not be further more from the truth
I will become the mother fucking end of you
I will become your end
'Cause I'll Inhale while I am
Breaking you


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