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Wrapped in Plain

This song is by Battle Of Mice and appears on the album A Day Of Nights (2006).

She walked
Her head hung down
Watching her feet
Move on their own
Restless hands
Grasped at things
No one else could see
Dark circles watched
Her eyes grow wide
Guardians of her gaze
The high red flush
Of something wrong
Stained the hills of her face
Midsummer blazed
Her rotting cage
Death took his hat off
At her grave
Scarecrows drape the coloured page
Marking giant mistakes
Getting stronger in pain of
These special things
All wrapped in plain
No one saw
Pale shoulders shake
Passed over for
Shinier things
Brighter birds
With bigger wings
Took up all the cracks
Nothing left for the faint
This poisoned mouse
With paws on stairs
Mottled gray fur
Rescued dreams of fall
Where brighter flowers dive
And bend
Right hand
Weighs in
Low weathers greatest friend
Wet breath in shallow lungs
That drown
Her hands
Like doves
Scarecrows drape
The coloured page
Gaping selfish mistakes
Grinning wider each day
Growing stronger in pains
Of these special things
All wrapped up in plain
An imbeciles glory day
Spitting coins at the fade
Of these special things twighlights final soft claim
All wrapped up in plain
All wrapped up in plain
These special things

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