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At The Base Of The Giant's Throat

This song is by Battle Of Mice and appears on the album A Day Of Nights (2006).

Skyscrapers left in shade
The numbers add up to your chest
Nightmares cling to strange walls
The sun will see you now-it's the next day
Speaking through squares
Hiding faces strange and bright
Arrest near your neck before
You can hear leaves breathe
Just listen
Just listen
Stolen leaves cemented in
A quiet place where Plymouths ring
Curtains fall and bruises form
But you can hear leaves
Breathe if you just listen
Little wings play down the street
Our faces squeezed in glass and tin
Inanimate objects snatch at your skin
But you can hear leaves breathe if you just listen
One hand on your neck
While the other fumbles through
Broken exchanges in back rooms
You thin skin
Wave oceans aside
I made space in my night
Resolves to turn it into lines
Your fingers must get tired
And drones make you wild
Why don't you wear
Your sleepless smile
Pointed at me for a while
Smoke around the giants neck
That makes clouds turn red
Tell me where have you been
A day where clouds
Turn to fray
Wings of smoke lines
The sleepless snatching thin skin seas
There is no sheets unclean
No smiles no night why
All crashing screams the sheets
(Wave oceans aside)
Unclean you make me grave it's your own design
(I made space in my night)
Wave oceans aside
I made space in my night
Snatching skin and thin skin
No sheets unclean and no sheets
Unclean no smile
Makes you wild
You're on no streets
Unclean no sheets
Unclean and smiles at
Wave oceans aside
I made space in my night night
Now you own the sleepless snatching thin skin seas

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