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This song is by Battery and appears on the album nv (1995).

Come here and lie
What will you tell me this time
I used to think that you were right
I couldn't sleep last night
But I caught you in the act
Now you'll have to take it back
I just can't believe
That I never made you leave

Thought you were so smart
Thought you knew who to be
Thought you had a hold
Thought you had control of me
Shut up
Shut the fuck up
I never should have listened to you
Shut up
Shut the fuck up
You're no creator

You've always treated me like shit
And I let you get away with it
I'm losing my patience
This is your last chance

Now I know that you were wrong
Now I know you don't belong
Anywhere close to me
Get away, don't touch me

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