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Peppermint Skylight

This song is by Bastian.

All the selfish reasons that I had for holding back.
What I wanted to say, what you already gave;
but I'm still believing. I can't believe it's over,
I pretend that you're not gone.
How many lies have you sold me, and I'm still holding on?

Follow me to the playground,
and at the bottom of the slide,
a year ago, it was you and me for the first time.
What did it take you to fake and break this bond?
Is it his tattoos and brown eyes that keep you moving on?

I'm missing your eyes tonight,
and I'm sorry you're sorry (you're sorry I'm sorry)
I'm missing your hair tonight
and I'm sorry your sorry (you're sorry I'm sorry)
I'm missing the way you whisper in my ear.
I'm missing yout lies tonight,
and im sorry your sorry (you're sorry I'm sorry)

(repeat first part)..

Sometimes I wonder if I should take you back.
Sometimes I wonder, would I want that? No, not today.
I watch you walk around this town without me...

I'm missing your lies,
I'm missing your eyes tonight....
...Whatever happened to second chances?
...Whatever happened to my second chance?

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